Tips on How to Maintain Your Concrete Walkway

There are many reasons why homeowners really invest in their patios,?stamped concrete Sioux Falls, and walkways. First, they enhance the curb appeal; second, each structure provides convenience; third, they add property value; and fourth, they just make a good investment in general.? 

Concrete is the most popular construction material that is widely used in different indoor and outdoor home extensions and projects. It is because it is cheaper than other materials while at the same time it provides durability and long-lasting features. However, like any other house structure, concrete, or your concrete walkway specifically still needs the maintenance it deserves.? 

We understand the importance of maintaining a good walkway and we are here to help you with it! Here are the tips on how to do it effectively. 

  1. always clean your concrete – concrete is a durable material and unlike wood, it does not wear down when cleaned through water and soap. In fact, cleaning your concrete on a regular basis does the opposite: it makes your concrete more durable. By removing chemicals, oils, dirt, and other particles that may render the structure weak, you are doing your concrete a good favor. You can use a pressure washer to remove fertilizer, grime, and rust through pressure washing. However, take note that the pressure may also weaken your concrete if you do it regularly. Pressure washing once a year is fine.?
  2. Always use a concrete sealer – acrylic sealer is able to provide an extra layer of protection to your concrete against staining, oil, and water intrusion. Also, without this sealer, the freeze-thaw cycle that happens every year (when you like cold regions) contributes to the fast deterioration of any concrete structures. Remember to seal your concrete before the winter and do it every year.? 
  3. Do immediate repairs – if you see some cracks on your concrete, always make time to repair them as soon as possible, ideally, an hour after you noticed the cracks. If you fail in repairing it as soon as possible, then you may need to deal with the damage when it already has worsened. This results in more expensive repairs.?
  4. Use good and safe chemicals when de-icing – winter can be stubborn and we want to get rid of the ice and snow on the concrete as soon as possible. With this eagerness, you might want to use chemicals to speed up the process. However, some chemicals can severely damage your concrete. Make sure that the chemical that you use is not harmful.
  5. Call a professional – while maintenance is a responsibility that you need to own, you can always ask for some help from the professionals especially when you do not have the luxury of time to deep clean your concrete walkway. Moreover, they can be a great help when you do not have the tools when it comes to de-icing or pressure washing your concrete.?


Those are the five simple maintenance tips you should do on a regular basis to make sure your concrete walkway remains clean and durable.?