Tips to Prepare Your Car This Summer

Listed below are some of the best tips to do to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming summer season. Most of these can be complete at home and you only need a few tools to do so.   

Inspect the wiper blades and the wiper fluid 

It’s always important to have clear visibility as you drive your car, and you may have frequently utilized the wiper fluid to de-ice your windshield during the winter season. So, make sure to inspect the reservoir of the wiper fluid and top it off if needed. Other car owners may also go for a solution that can help clear the glass of bugs.  

You should never forget to check the wiper blades as well. In most instances, it’s highly recommended for you to have the experts replace your wiper blades during the winter because the heat could cause the rubber to be dried out. However, when summer storms typically take place in your place, then it’s best to consider getting windshield replacement South Carolina. Use the fresh washer fluid and run it to your wipers and observe whether they streak the windshield or not.  

Check the A/C system 

In the hot, summer season, air-conditioners are a must-have. There’s a possibility that you haven’t used it much during the cold season. So, you have to run your air conditioner for quite some time to see whether your unit can still blow cold air. Look out for any signs of weird odors or noises. Make sure to follow the right process of checking your A/C unit yourself, or ask a reputable HVAC specialist to have it checked. There’s a possibility that your unit may need to be recharged, have a leak, or need cleaning.   

Remove winter tires and check the air pressure 

During the winter season, snow tires are essential. However, they are not that helpful during the hot seasons. Moreover, your winter tires will most likely be worn out fast if you use them on dry, warm pavement. Hence, it’s best to use all-season or summer tires instead and start taking out your winter tires now.   

No matter what you do with your vehicle, you have to check your tire’s air pressure. Your tires must be properly inflated. In that case, you can make sure that it will properly have contact between the road and the tires. On the other hand, a poorly inflated tire tends to overheat, which could end up being blown out on the road.  

Check the driver-side door jamb or your owner’s manual to get the right tire pressures. When the tires are cold, you need to check their pressure. Hence, the morning is commonly the ideal time to do so. Moreover, properly inflated tires improve gas mileage and last longer.  

Do an under-the-hood inspection 

Perhaps you have not cracked open the hood throughout the winter season. However, now that the climate is sufficiently humid and warm to spend an afternoon outdoor, now’s the best time to provide the car a brief inspection. Ensure that the engine is cold before you do so. Some of the items you should check to include brake fluid, coolant, oil, and battery.